Our Students


We have a healthy mix of international and local Chinese students, our student are amongst the most experienced in China, making our mats a dynamic training environment. Current students include top-tier management of Fortune 500 firms, finance professionals and lawyers to Chinese law enforcement and members of the military.

This is what our students have to say about training with us:

The teachers are very professional. The students are like brothers and sisters. People always help eachother, share experiences and make progress together. I made a lots of good friends here. Cindy, CRM manager
The classes are well structured and have a good mixture of physical training and sound technique instruction. The class program at the academy gives me the flexibility to change training days around my work. I enjoy training with people from a mixture of nationalities and sporting backgrounds. Classmates come in all shapes and sizes. I always leave feeling better than when I went in- especially in Winter! The program and belt structure is an excellent way of keeping motivated and working towards goals. Gwyn, Deputy Principal – International School in Shanghai
I like the bright, clean, & relaxed environment, and patient trainers. It's also ridiculously close to my work, which is awesome for lunch classes. Ryan Adams, CTO, Nnodal
Great Trainers of course, and with all the people in the gym we become friend and like brothers, we train together and learn together, and i think this is the way to do it, with good energy with a good feeling, and with respect. Carlos Ruiz, Spain
SHBJJ has a very nice training atmosphere and the instructors are very professional. All the guys are really friendly and are always open to sharing their skills and experiences with you. Gu Tian Yun
Professional training, friendly teammates, especially SHBJJ gives you a feeling of big family where you receive a lot than you could. Richard Hou,Project Marketing
Great Trainers!!!! And I get lots of friends in SHBJJ. Song, PhD Student