Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

The SHBJJ Law Enforcement Program has been especially designed for training active duty police officers in various arrest and restrain procedures and in close quarters personal protection. A common mistake is for police officers to seek out martial arts or combative programs that do not make a distinction between dealing with a dangerous suspect on the street and a sports contest.

There is a huge difference between arresting a suspect on the street and a MMA or BJJ match. Most schools teach a form of BJJ that is sports based and fun for the lay person but do not provide the police officer with all the tools necessary to deal with an encounter on the street. A “tap out” signals victory in a MMA and BJJ contest but a victory for a police officer is only achieved by the successful restrain of a suspect and when all threats have been neutralized.

At SHBJJ’s Law Enforcement Program, we teach a BJJ based method that has been adapted for the special needs of police officers and security personnel. We have a long standing relationship with the Zhejiang Police academy, the largest police training school in Eastern China.

Our instructors have taught various members of the Chinese police including, the prison riot squad, Special police (SWAT), members of the Diplomatic Protection service and the Police Defensive Tactics instructor team. We also have active duty police officers training in our regular BJJ classes where issues arising from on the job arrest scenarios are regularly discussed and problem solved.

This program is available to Law Enforcement or security personnel by appointment.