Are you learning your kettlebell techniques online, from a DVD or from a REAL CERTIFIED kettebell instructor?

Kettlebells are a versatile and functional training tool whether you are a combat athlete looking to improve your performance on the mat or an office worker looking to get in shape. The functional strength developed by training in kettlebells is easily transferable to sports and daily activities.

With the right training program, kettlebells can help you get stronger, improve cardio, lose fat and prevent injuries.

Our kettlebell program is led by Stanley Tam, a certified level 2 advanced kettlebell instructor under the world renowned strength & conditioning expert Steve Maxwell.

At SHBJJ, our instructors are keen to help you reach your fitness goals; you will learn the use Kettlebells safely and effectively from one of our qualified instructors.

Contact us now to learn how to train with Kettlebells!

Currently, our kettlebell classes are available through private lessons or small group classes by appointment.