Tony Eduardo

Tony Eduardo Lima

Place of birth: Florianoplis, Brazil

Professor Tony Eduardo has been training since the age of 12. He received his Black Belt from Crolin & Rilion Gracie when he was 22. Tony is known for his advanced guard game and technical abilities, which he carries into the classroom. He strongly guides his students to learn the basics, and to build a foundation of BJJ.

He feels once you have the basics you can then build a more advanced and technical game. Some of Tony's notable competition wins would have to be, 7 X South Brazilian Champ, South American Black Belt Champ, 2 X Worlds Mundials bronze medalist, ADCC 2005 first Brazilian trial champ, 2009 American National Jiu-Jitsu Champion.


Stanley Tam

Stanley Tam

Place of birth: Hong Kong

Stan is currently a black belt under Tony Eduardo Lima and the current Director of Jiu-jitsu under the Sport Department's Wrestling & Judo authority.

Stan has been training in the martial arts since the age of 13, specialising in the Chinese martial arts until he found his true calling in Brazilian Jiu jitsu. He travels regularly to seek knowledge and train with the best BJJ teachers in the world and has competed internationally, medalling in tournaments such as the International Masters in Brazil and the Asian Open in Japan. Stan is well known as a detailed oriented teacher, he is a much sought after teacher; his interest is in developing a conceptual approach to jiu-jitsu and also in training military and law enforcement.

Stan is officially appointed as the jiu-jitsu/combatives instructor for the Zhejiang Police Academy, Shanghai SWAT team and to an elite counter terrorism unit in the People's Armed Police in Shanghai. Stan has been regularly featured in China's Kong Fu & MMA magazine, providing readers with knowledge on BJJ and cutting edge training methods. Stan has acted as a referee for Ruff MMA and is a certified referee with the Abu Dhabi Pro BJJ organisation. He is certified in Modern Army Combatives and is certified as a Level 2 Advanced Kettlebell instructor under the world renowned Steve Maxwell

His other interests is in development as a holistic health practitioner and naturopath.


Yunus Emre Karasakal

Place of birth: Turkey

Yunus Emre Karasakal is a brown belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor and competitor under SHBJJ team.

Yunus is a highly demanded coach for his experience in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, martial arts and functional training, a teacher for all levels due to his technical knowledge and being able to explain high detail with simplicity. He has proven his teaching skills raising successful competitors and coaches for his team multiple times. Due to the demand on his instructions, he has been invited for many seminars around China.

Yunus is an accomplished competitor medaling in championships multiple times in an out of China (including: Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Philippines etc.), and still a participator in Asia and World scale tournaments and one of the top competitors in China.

James Tong

James Tong

Place of birth: Taiwan

James is currently a brown belt under Tony Eduardo Lima and the Program Manager at SHBJJ.

James is a highly sought after certified personal trainer (AFAA) in Shanghai as well as a being an experienced Muay Thai practitioner with over 50 fights in the ring both in Thailand and Australia. During his ring career, James was the ISKA Queensland (Australia) middle weight Muay Thai champion as well as the Bangla stadium champion in Phuket, Thailand.

James is also a solid teacher of BJJ fundamentals, his classes are well structured and detailed, which offers students with a highly educational and enjoyable learning environment. With his extensive grappling experience, he won his division in the China BJJ Open and was the former New Zealand Vale Tudo middle weight champion.


Richard Hou

Place of birth: Shanghai, China

Brazilian Jujitsu Brown Belt. Richard started BJJ training in Nov 2009 and his BJJ Chain as follows :Rilion Gracie -Tony Eduardo Lima - Stanley Tam - Richard HOU。

Richard has been a teacher for both basic class and advanced class in Shanghai Brazilian Jujitsu Academy since Jan 2013. Richard teaches a comprehensive style of BJJ with both fundamentally sound techniques and also the newer modern style of jiujitsu, especially in the half guard. His strength is the ability to explain to students complicated movements through simple and easy to understand words and gestures.

Richard believes that the best return in an investment is in yourself - In order train full time and improve to his personal best, Richard gave up a well-paid job in the real estate industry in pursuant of his own BJJ dream. Before he spent his days working and now he sees himself as living his own life - happy and satisfied. He hopes BJJ can bring to every one a healthy,enjoyable and value-maximized life.

Bronze -70K in 2011 Abu Dhabi International BJJ China Trial, Silver - Open Weight in 2012 BJJ Shanghai Open

Matt Leonard - Wrestling coach

Place of birth: New Jersey, USA

Matt is currently a blue belt under Bruno Moreira

Matt is an ex-college wrestler who was captain of his team and competed at the Division I level for all 4 years. He has extensive teaching experience from coaching youth and high school wrestling in both the US and in China.

Post college, Matt's first introduction to martial arts was with judo. He trained under Sensei Ramon Hernandez at North Jersey Judo for 2 years where he earned his brown belt through placing in numerous competitions including the Maryland Shufu (1st), East Coast Judo Championships (2nd), and the Northeastern Championships (3rd). Matt has trained BJJ for 2 years. He won his division at the 2012 China BJJ Open going 5-0.

He enjoys the challenge of BJJ and is always looking for ways to combine wrestling, judo and jiujitsu together. His classes are well structured and focus on all aspects of takedowns, including offense, defense, and counters. If you see him around the gym, he's always willing to help people out with their standing game.


Li Keyun - Judo coach

Place of birth: China

Li started started training in judo at the age of 13 and was a part of the Jiangsu professional judo team for six years. He has also served as Wuxi's assistant coach for judo.

In 2012 he won a gold medal at the Jiangsu province judo championships following a bronze medal earlier in 2011.